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Base Honor Guard
3100 McKinley Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50321


Please complete DD Form 2536 and email it as an attachment to to request an Honor Guard detail. Funeral Honors: Please complete the Funeral Honors Request Form and email it as an attachment to to request an Honor Guard Funeral detail. Please initiate funeral honor requests as soon as possible.

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Current members of the 132d Wing please contact your supervisor. Non-members click here to join.

Our Mission

Our mission as the 132d Wing Honor Guard is to render military honors from a grateful nation to those that have faithfully defended our country, in times of war and peace. As Guardians of the Colors, we are designated representatives of the Air Force, Air National Guard, and the 132d Wing, to remind and inspire people in the meaning and patriotic symbolism of the National Colors in ceremonies and official events. Together, we form a core of highly skilled ambassadors presenting a positive United States Air Force image to the community. Our commitment is to cultivate and inspire personal growth and leadership development with a mission to honor those who have served.