Mentorship key to 132d Wing recruiter’s success

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Victoria Hanson
  • 132d Wing Public Affairs

Master Sgt. Brandon Britt, flight chief of recruiting, and Master Sgt. Jacob Parsons, retention office manager at the 132d Wing, work hand in hand to grow the unit and have both been inducted into the Century Club.

“I realized probably six years in that I want to be able to tell my story and talk to other individuals,” said Britt. “Because I just have a strong belief in this unit.”

Britt said that when he first got into recruiting, he didn’t know how he wanted to do things, but when he met Parsons, he looked to him as a mentor and wanted to learn from his experience, trying to emulate the way he did recruiting visits and conducted business.

Britt works together with Parsons, who oversees the retention, benefits, the next steps for enlistees as they continue to pursue their careers in the Iowa Air National Guard.

“Even though Britt is a little younger in the career field than I am,” said Parsons. “He still is a huge motivator to me where we’ve got a healthy competition going.”

While chief of recruiting in 2021, Parsons joined the Century Club, which is an award given by the National Guard Bureau recognizing recruiters for reaching 100 recruits.

Parsons said that building the friendly rivalry between each other is helpful for reaching goals and bringing as many people as possible to join the wing. Britt, now the current chief of recruiting, was recently inducted into the Century Club as well.

“Once I was able to learn from him,” said Britt. “That kind of propelled me to get into the Century Club, be successful, and understand the career field.”

Britt said that there is nothing that’s more rewarding in his career than seeing individuals that he has helped enlist and accomplish their goals. Hearing their stories and hearing them take advantage of opportunities, is what motivates him to keep sharing unit’s story.

Recruiting and retention are always in the top five of the focal points for the Wing, and that can be daunting and stressful, but when you are passionate about it, it is all worthwhile.

“Once I realized that I was able to share my experiences and successes and all the things that the Air Guard has done for me,” said Parsons. “I really just loved being able to pass on that word to other people as well.”

For more information about the 132d Wing and a possible career, visit the official recruiting page in the link below.