Fight Like A Girl

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Kim McWilliams
  • 132 MDG First Sergeant
I have seen the Breast Cancer shirts everywhere that display this empowering statement. It made me think about how I was not taught how to "fight" until just a couple of years ago. When I first started working for a police department one of my first concerns was my safety. I signed up for the first available public self-defense class I could and I periodically retake classes as a refresher. I learned about how to escape being grabbed, how to fight back and how to drop some very large men to the ground. That is empowering!

Because of where I work I am reminded everyday about the unpredictability of human behavior, but how much does everyone else think about it? My guess is that it's only when you hear on the news that someone has been assaulted, kidnapped or killed.

There are many self-defense programs out there that can help you prepare for the unexpected. Many local law enforcement agencies have regularly scheduled programs and as always, the internet is a wonderful research tool. Please don't wait for the next reminder on the news or when you or a loved one is a victim.