132nd ISRG holds Amazing Race event to prep for Annual Training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael J. Kelly
  • 132nd Wing Public Affairs
Sunshine, blue skies and a strong, stiff breeze enveloped the landscape of Moffitt Reservoir Park in Cumming, Iowa.
Gathered at the park was a large group of people dressed in athletic clothing, enthusiastic and ready for whatever the day had in store.
With dozens of teams formed and chomping at the bit to begin, the master of ceremonies raised a loudspeaker to his lips and shouted "First team, go!"
With that the teams took off, starting what would be a week's worth of training, preparation and team-building.
The 132nd Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group here held an amazing race event, May 6, 2016 at Moffitt Reservoir Park in Cumming, Iowa to build comradery as well as physical readiness.  The event was attended by approximately 150 members of the 132nd ISRG and was created to build teamwork and motivate the Airmen in preparation for the unit's Annual Training Week.
"We wanted to have an event to kick off the week that would promote some comradery, some esprit de corps but also to just have a good time," said Chief Master Sgt. James Holwegner, the 132nd ISR Group superintendent.
The race consisted of six stations spread out across the park, which posed a variety challenges requiring teamwork as well as physical adeptness.
The challenges consisted of the cornhole toss, partner back ball, blindfold puzzle, physical fitness, an egg tossing contest and a water balloon relay.
Master Sgt. Warren Page, the 132nd Wing 1st Sgt., most enjoyed playing cornhole as well as participating in the water balloon relay.
"It was awesome throwing water balloons," said Page. "I got hit by one. It was wet. It was cold. And it felt great."
At the race's end, the points for each team were tallied up with the top two teams receiving prizes for their success.
The overall success of the event also depended on the weather and a good location, both of which fell into place.
"The Des Moines city parks let us use this at no charge and other than some time constraints, everything went pretty good," said
For those participating, the afternoon's activities were more than just stretching their legs in the sun.
"With our mission being indoors all the time, this is just a great opportunity to get everybody outside, get them talking and get them away from the computers in the vault," said Lt. Col. Trenton Twedt, the commander of the 233rd ISR Squadron.
Ensuring the Airmen were refreshed and had the right mindset going into training was essential to the activities.
"When you're coming in for Annual Training, you want to have that mindset of what you're going to do," said Page. "To do this on the first day of AT is pretty awesome."
Pleased with the success of the inaugural amazing race, the 132nd ISRG leadership hopes to continue the race while including the entire wing.
"This is definitely something we could do as a wing event," said Twedt. "We are already working on revising some of the activities and making some different events."
With the day's activities completed, the 132nd ISRG is ready to accelerate into their annual training.
Being mentality and emotionally prepared to execute the mission are essential pillars in comprehensive airman wellness. With these measures in store, Airman of the 132nd Wing will be prepared to face the challenges of the mission.