Schellhase Moves On

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Michael J. Kelly
  • 132d Wing
The State Command Chief of the Iowa National Guard Ed Schellhase finished his final drill before retirement in the same place he started his Guard career thirty-eight years ago, with the 132d Wing Communications Flight.
Schellhase spent Saturday morning of August drill addressing the Communications Flight during roll call and reflecting on his career. "It's surreal, it doesn't seem possible that the time has gone by this quickly," said Schellhase.
After serving five years in the active duty Air Force, Schellhase started his career at the Iowa Air National Guard in 1977 working in ground radio maintenance in the Communications Flight.
"It was a lot different back then. There was no internet, phone systems or computers. The evolution of technology was incredible," said Schellhase.
As he progressed through his Guard career towards the top of the enlisted pinnacle, he became the mission systems branch chief and went on multiple overseas deployments including Panama, Japan, England, Norway, and Iraq. In 2007, Schellhase became the fourth Command Chief of the 132d Wing. After leading as the top enlisted member at the 132d Wing for four years, he was selected in 2011 as the fifth State Command Chief of Iowa.
Schellhase served as the State Command Chief for four years until handing the reigns to his successor Chief Master Sgt. Timothy Cochran. He said that he looks forward to retiring and doing the things he loves to do like scuba diving, traveling, camping and fishing.
He also said that even though he is looking forward to retirement, there are certain things about serving in the Guard that he will miss.
"There's no question, it's the people that I will miss the most. We talk about the Guard being a family and it really is," said Schellhase. Schellhase finished his last duty day on Sunday, August 2 ending forty-three years total of military service.