Proactive approach earns IG Office John P. Flynn Inspector General Award

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Katelyn Sprott

The 132d Wing Inspector General Complaints office was awarded the 2020 John P. Flynn Inspector General Award for their outstanding achievements. 

While the IG Complaints office works for the base commander, their main goal is to be a place where airmen can go when they need assistance. The office helps airmen with issues ranging from moral and welfare to policy and regulation concerns. The IG Complaints office has worked diligently to increase their presence across the base through events such as the Strong Bonds Conference and the 132d Wing Blood Drives.

“We get out there and we talk to people,” said Lt. Col. Steven Empey. “We used to sit back and wait for people to come to us and now we go to them.”

Empey believes that their continued proactive response is the reason they were awarded the 2020 John P. Flynn Inspector General Award. The complaints office was nominated to compete against IG offices across the state of Iowa. From there, they went on to the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve Command level. Since then, they advanced to compete at the Numbered Air Force level.

The award recognizes the IG Complaints Resolution Program Office that best embodies the six characteristics of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s leadership model: integrity, justice, compassion, loyalty, courage, and spirit. The criteria for this award was based solely on the complaints resolution office and did not include other activities such as inspections or exercise evaluations.

Lt. Col. Joshua Smith, director of complaints, said that they attempt to make themselves a presence at newcomer briefings so that new Airmen know the role of the IG Complaints office and what it can provide them.

Smith also said the IG Complaints office has also established semi-annual training for current and future commanders are fully trained within 60 days. As a result of efforts to raise awareness, visits to the IG office have double.

“While it really is a team effort,” said Smith. “We do get a lot of support and cooperation amongst the leaders throughout the organization that welcome us to do those walkthroughs and meet with them.”