Think Fire Safety, "Have 2 Ways Out!"

  • Published
  • By Todd Moomaw
  • 132nd Fighter Wing
 Fires can strike anywhere - in buildings, automobiles, and the recent wild land fires outdoors - but fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. Over 75% percent of all fire fatalities occur in home fires.

This year's Fire Prevention Week theme, "Have 2 Ways Out!" focuses on the importance of fire escape planning and practice. The reality is that when fire strikes, your home could be engulfed in smoke and flames in just a few minutes.

It is important to have a home fire escape plan that prepares your family to think fast and get out quickly when the smoke alarm sounds. What if your first escape route is blocked by smoke or flames? Having two ways out is such a key part of your plan.

Fire facts; Smoking is the leading cause of most residential fires. Bedrooms are the leading location 55% where civilian fire fatalities in residences. 51% of civilian fire fatalities occur between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Fire Protection is one of many career fields in the Air National Guard. This specialty protects people, property, and the environment from fires and disasters. Airmen provide services including; fire prevention, firefighting, rescue, and hazardous material responses.
Locally-based facilities across America means reduced cost to the taxpayer and increased regional support. The Air National Guard strengthens communities with firefighting capabilities.