Phase I ORI In The Rearview Mirror

  • Published
  • By Col. Drew "Toto" DeHaes
  • Commander, 132d Fighter Wing
The Phase 1 Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) is now in our rearview mirror. Our overall grade was a SATISFACTORY. We fell short of our goal of EXCELLENT, but the good news and the bottom line is that the 132d Fighter Wing clearly exceeds ACC standards. Fully 42%, or 15 of the 36 graded areas, were rated OUTSTANDING and 22% of the graded areas were rated EXCELLENT. Given the nine months to prepare for a major inspection, we did good work.

Over the coming weeks, we will have an ORI hot wash so we can review areas that we need to improve and capture the areas were we exceeded the goal. The best news is that the IG will not be back for a while. We entered this inspection with about 40% of the base never having been through a major readiness inspection. We are a better organization for having gone through the inspection. We can meet/exceed the expectation that we can pack up our shops and move our operations anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. Our F-16s are the tightest in the Air Force fighter fleet, ready to perform. Our people are top notch, able to perform any mission. Anywhere, anytime, the 132d Fighter Wing is ready to respond. This would not be possible without the outstanding efforts of our exceptional men and women who make up the 132d Fighter Wing. Thank you for all your hard work!

Although the success of the ORI was the result of a team effort, let me give special recognition to the following individuals and teams that the IG identified as "superior performers":

Maj James Walters, 132 OG             1Lt Mark Williams, 132 LRS
MSgt Jennifer Drehobl, 132 OG        MSgt Keith Harms, 132 MXG
MSgt Scott Irish, 132 LRS                  TSgt Jason Deal, 132 FSS
TSgt Matthew Hand, 132 AMS           TSgt Valerie Lerette, 132 FSS
TSgt Dan Lewis, 132 FW                   TSgt Stephanie Ploeger, 132 MDG
SSgt Doug Baldwin, 132 OSF           SSgt Justin Coop, 132 LRS
SSgt Brandon Johnson, 132 MXS    SrA Kylie Bass, 132 LRS
SrA Patrick Cloyd, 132 AMS                SrA Jared Newman, 132 AMS
SrA Joshua Olson, 132 MXS              SrA Justin Rhode, 132 AMS
SrA Richard Rutter, 132 AMS             SrA Robert Steffes, 132 AMS
A1C Jacob Brancaleon, 132 MXS     A1C Christina Collins, 132 MXS
A1C Calvin Foster, 132 AMS              A1C Matthew Heidemann, 132 AMS
A1C Samuel Holland Jr, 132 AMS    A1C Christopher Jackson, 132 AMS
A1C Susan Smith, 132 AMS              A1C Abigail Titus, 132 AMS

Avionics Element Team Mobility Bag Team
Malicious Logic Team Loading Standardization Crew
Cargo Deployment Function Team Responder Maintenance Team
Production Section Expediter Team Weapons Load Crew #9
Fuels Management Flight Re-Generation Team