"Are You Ready" - Parting Comments

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Russell Dunn
  • 132MXM/CCF
When I began my tour in 2007, one of the foremost thoughts in my mind was my personal readiness to serve the 132FW as a first sergeant. I have carried that theme through my tour and hope that concept has resonated with my fellow Airmen surviving me after I have retired.

Readiness, as a concept, can be very broad and encompass a lot of various issues. However, the bottom line is that it is your individual responsibility to ensure you are ready to do your job while remembering exactly what that entails.

While we usually have plenty of time to prepare for our duty assignments, we also have the responsibility to be able to respond to a recall at any time. As we complete our second ORE preparing for the October ORI, this is a very important requirement to embrace.

Our exercises and training prepare us for that late night activation phone call but the training and exercises are only effective if you take readiness to heart and prepare all aspects of your life to serve as a member of this outstanding unit. As I depart, I ask you again..."Are you ready?"