2 Lt.Hoff serves as Memorial Day Parade Marshall

  • Published
  • By Lt.Col. James Freeze
  • 132 FW/CCE
This Memorial Day, 2Lt John Baron Hoff, a member of the 132nd Fighter Wing and current Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) student at Laughlin AFB, TX, was selected to be the Military Honoree, Parade Marshall and featured Speaker at the Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Winnetka Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony, Winnetka, IL - his hometown.

Some 2,300-3,000 people normally attend the Parade & Ceremony. He was also invited by the Armed Forces Counsel of Chicago to appear as the uniformed USAF "representative" on the rostrum with Major Daley in the City of Chicago's Memorial Day Ceremony in the Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, and was in the City of Chicago Parade immediately thereafter. This parade is the largest Memorial Day Parade in the country.

His presentation and activities, which were done on his own time, clearly reflect most favorably upon not only himself, but the 132nd Fighter Wing, Iowa Air National Guard, as well.