It's summer time again!

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Wendell K. Rome
  • 132FW/HC
Well, brothers and sisters it is Summer time again and I am really ready. It is that time when the kids will be ending another school year (Hallelujah). It is that time of year again when we can all take a deep breath before sending our kids off to college in August. It is that time of year again when we will be planning on what to do for summer vacation.

What are you planning to do this year for summer vacation? Maybe you have not thought much about it but we are right around the corner and should be considering plans for the summer. One main issue for all of us to keep in mind during these hard times is how are we going to pay for the vacation in the midst of these tough economic and financial times. In our marriages today money is one of the leading causes of divorce and can put economic strain or collapse on the family. The truth be told every couple has to deal with money at some stage and when there is lack, differences in attitudes and priorities are brought to a head. So I want to encourage you all to communicate and spend time talking about how to best spend your summer vacation this year.

Please, do not allow what God intends to be a happy and joyous experience for your family turn into a battle over finances. Remember, in the end the main thing is that you and your family are together and have a great experience, time and more importantly have tons of fun. Lastly, try something new this summer and incorporate the children in the decision making process so that way it is truly a family affair. I've learned over the years that children have some really cool and neat ideas which are very economical. Be blessed and may God be with you and you traveling mercies.