Think Before You Drink: Base Alcohol Policy

  • Published
  • By 1st LT. Bret Lucas
  • 132FW/JA
Before you open your first beer after a hard day of work, don't forget that there is an alcohol policy in place that governs your actions.

Members will not consume alcohol:
1. If the member is under the age of 21. Under age members who violate this provision are subject to criminal prosecution under the state laws of Iowa and are subject to unit disciplinary action. Members who provide alcohol to minors are also subject to criminal prosecution and unit disciplinary action.
2. Within 8 hours of reporting for duty or while on duty; under no circumstances shall an individual report for duty while under the influence.
3. When the mission requirements dictate.
4. When in uniform off military property-except for official organized events such as dining outs, military association events, and military weddings.
5. Within 12 hours of operating a government motor vehicle or while operating any motor vehicle.
6. When restricted by the commander.

Substance abuse or excessive drinking is considered conduct unbecoming and members who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

All alcohol purchases for consumption on base shall be made through the Base Services Social Club which provides the liability insurance necessary to protect you, the base and the State. Any alcohol purchased at the Base Exchange is for off base consumption only. Commanders executing unit events on base during which alcohol is served must ensure the promotion of the responsible consumption of alcohol in the publicity, promotion, and execution of their events. For such events, reference or publicity regarding the availability or amount of alcohol is prohibited.

On special occasions and with the approval of the unit commander, sections may have parties or social gatherings. In these situations, after duty hour drinking within a given work center (excluding those classified as an industrial work area) is allowed. Work center hours for social gatherings shall be the same as Base Service Club hours.

Remember, Think before you drink