132d Cyber Operations Squadron SATAF- "Best Seen To Date."

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Thomas Worrell
  • 132d Wing -Operations Group
SATAF stands for Site Activation Task Force.  It's comprised of a team of functional experts from National Guard Bureau (NGB) or a MAJCOM. This past January the 132d COS was host to a SATAF. The SATAF team was made up of SME's from Facilities, Communications, Manpower, Operations, Training, Resources and Equipment.  Their purpose is to assist with the COS conversion to an Initial Operating Capability (IOC).  The SATAF team identifies courses of action, requirements and potential obstacles.  Their report outlines findings, recommendations and action items, which need to be completed within the conversion timeline.  The conversion timeline for the 132d COS is 1 Apr 16 - 31 Mar 18.  Des Moines is one of 11 ANG units to receive a visit from a Cyber-related SATAF within FY16.

The SATAF report assesses a functional working group as Green, Yellow or Red.  All areas for the 132d COS were Green with the exception of Communications, which was assessed at Yellow.  This was due to long haul connection difficulties, for which, the 132d has extensive knowledge and is uniquely qualified to resolve.

According to Lt. Col. Asheleigh Gellner, NGB/A3Z Conversion Team Ops Execution Section Chief, "Because the 132d has leaned forward for the past two years and Wing leadership has been well engaged and proactive, the COS will be on the cutting edge of a cyber defense force that is a critical and necessary national defense operation."  It is also why the team gave the 132d COS the designation "Best seen to date."