ANG Leadership Visits 132d Wing

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Michael J. Kelly
  • 132d Wing
During a rare visit by the Director of the Air National Guard (DANG) and the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air National Guard (CCM ANG), the two said they were proud of what the Des Moines 132d Wing had accomplished.

Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Clarke III and Chief Master Sgt. James W. Hotaling were the keynote speakers for the Wing's resiliency training at the Valley Community Center on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

Clarke said that the Air National Guard is the heart of the Reserve Component of the Air Force and that all should be proud of that. He told the members of the 132d to keep serving in an outstanding manner and with distinction.

"The pride I have in you, what you do, what you will do, tied with keeping everything in balance, you gotta love this organization", said Clarke.

Hotaling, the eleventh Command Chief of the Air National Guard, explained the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness: physical, social, mental, and spiritual. He also talked about the importance of upholding the profession of arms as well as the history and heritage of the Air Force and how it is now operating with the highest efficiency and impact, despite it being the smallest it has ever been.

"We are airman. Our statuses may be different in the Air National Guard but our standards are always the same", said Hotaling.

He emphasized that no matter what component of the Air Force personnel are in, they are still one Air Force. Hotaling also expressed the importance of telling our Air Force story through awards and decorations.

Their message was well received by all members of the 132d Wing, including wing leadership.

"I think both their presence and message fit very well with our current climate, helping to move us forward", said Col. Randy Greenwood, the Vice-Commander of the 132d Wing.

Clarke and Hotaling conducted on-base, town hall type meetings, throughout Saturday afternoon with all levels of personnel ranging from Chiefs to Airman Basics. The leadership both emphasized transparency and openness in their town hall meetings and invited all levels of the Wing to engage and ask questions.

"The town hall format allowed every Airman in my wing an opportunity to interact and ask questions directly to the ANG's senior leaders", said Col. Kevin Heer, the Commander of the 132d Wing.

Clarke and Hotaling visited the 132d Wing as part of a tour of Iowa Air National Guard bases. The stopover marked the first time that the Director of the Air National Guard and the Command Chief Master Sgt. of the Air National Guard visited an ANG base together.

Clarke said that while he and Hotaling usually travel to different bases for maximum leadership impact, they were aware of the mission transition the 132d Wing is going through and decided to visit together to observe the unit, talk to the airman and recognize outstanding performers. The 132d recently transitioned from a single mission fighter unit to a multi-mission wing, incorporating Defensive Cyber Operations, MQ-9 flying operations and Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance missions. 

"Having both the DANG and the CCM ANG [at drill] at the same time tells us that our leadership cares and is engaged with the field," said Heer.

As the days events came to a close, airmen at all levels felt a renewed sense of focus and had a positive outlook for the future of the wing.

"You mean a lot to the structure that supports national and state efforts..." said Clarke, before leaving.