132d Wing formally recognizes the official activation of the 132d ISR Group

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Linda K. Burger
  • 132d Wing
The 132d Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Group was honored on Saturday, March 7, 2015 during a ceremony held at the 132d Wing (132WG), Des Moines, Iowa, which formally recognized the Group's official activation. 

ISR Group and Squadron guidons were passed to the Group Commander and each of the Squadron Commanders, which represented the acceptance of their duties and responsibilities of Commander. 

Col. Mark Chidley commands the 132d ISR Group, which includes the 232d Intelligence Squadron (232 IS), the 233d Intelligence Squadron (233 IS), and the 132d Intelligence Support Squadron (132 ISS).  The 232 IS and 233 IS provide targeting and geospatial intelligence to U.S. Air Force and Joint Warfighters.  Commanding these squadrons are Lt. Col. Brian Claus (232 IS) and Lt. Col. Trenton Twedt (233 IS).  The 132 ISS provides support functions to the 232 IS and 233 IS, as well as develops training products for the Air Force targeting enterprise.  Commanding this squadron is Lt. Col. Leslie Zyzda-Martin.

Among the many men and women of the 132WG and their families who were present at the ceremony, Col. Kevin Heer, 132WG Commander, was in attendance and took a moment to speak.  He stated,

"It should not go unnoticed that the very cornerstone of this Wing was intelligence with the formation of the 124th Observation Squadron 74 years ago.  ISR is the bedrock that allows freedom of action and prevents surprise.  This has never been more important than in our volatile and uncertain world.  Russia and Ukraine, ISIL, Sony Pictures hacking -- the environment and our adversaries are changing and adapting faster than ever.  The 132d ISRG has been born in this crucible of change and has already demonstrated the agility and flexibility required to provide decision quality data to commanders.

As we unfurl the newest guidons in our wing, take pride in our heritage.  Be proud of where we come from and honored to be a part of this amazing team."

After Col. Heer's remarks, the activation ceremony began.  Col. Heer presented the 132d ISR Group guidon to Col. Chidley, who then presented ISR Squadron guidons to Lt. Col. Claus, Lt. Col. Twedt, and Lt. Col. Zyzda-Martin.

The ISR Group then gave their first salute to Col. Chidley as the new ISR Group Commander.  After receiving his first salute, Col. Chidley took to the podium, recognized some key contributors to the success of the ISR Group, and then addressed the audience,

"We still have many challenges ahead, more bumps in the road to deal with, more creative solutions to find.  But I have no doubt that we will be successful because of the caliber of leaders and people in this organization.  We will meet the requirements of our nation, state and community.  We will continue to be innovative, flexible, hardworking and committed.  We are now officially the 132d Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Group, the newest member of the best Intel team in the greatest Air Force on Earth.  Great Work!"