Science Center makes Family Connection

  • Published
  • By Technical Sgt. Michael McGhee
  • 132nd Wing
     In December the Science Center of Iowa was host to Military Family Connection night sponsored by the Child and Youth Program of the Iowa National Guard.  All branches of military and family members were given exclusive access to the center along with dinner provided in the cafeteria.  The evening included a scavenger hunt, craft a cover for an egg drop, build and launch a paper rocket, and many more activities.  A static electricity demonstration was held by Mr. Richard Miles, Program Coordinator at the Science Center, which was quite a hair-raising experience for some of the participants.  This type of fun and excitement goes on every month and is made possible by the Child and Youth Program with additional support from both internal and external organizations.
The Science Center event was supported in part with funding from the Wingman Support Team.  Mr. Mark Safranski, Vice-Chairman of the Wingman Support Team, was on hand at the Science Center event.  He indicated that the organization is proud to support these types of events that include both Air Force and Army National Guard members along with their families.  His main focus was to members that have already attended, next time either bring a friend or tell someone about the scheduled events promoted by the Child and Youth Program.
Technical Sergeant Stan Stout, Lead Coordinator of Child and Youth Program, indicates that the program operates on three basic core functions: programs/events, resources/support, and outreach/briefings.  The program and events portion is intent on building life skills for both children and family members. Resources and support deals with assistance with childcare, print resources, and deployment related topics.  The outreach and briefings helps identify the deployment process to families, the culture of growing up as a military youth, and to educate families on resources inside as well as outside the military.  TSgt Stout also added that the events rotate from month-to-month for exposure to new and different subject matter throughout the greater Des Moines area.
Upcoming events for the program include a trip to the YMCA in January and an outing at Skate South in February.  The YMCA event is scheduled at the Waukee center and families will have access to the gym, indoor pool, and racquetball courts.  At the Skate South event participants can listen to their favorite music while skating; play games at the arcade, or visit the snack bar for some sweet treats.  Family members can register for any event on the Child and Youth Program Facebook page at  
The Child and Youth Program are constantly looking for volunteers to chaperone events, facilitate an outing, and assist on the event and administrative support staff.  For additional information on the program or for upcoming events contact TSgt Stan Stout at (515) 252-4040 or Chris Cox, Program Coordinator, at (515)727-3064.