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  • ORI Preparation

    Thank you to everyone for their very hard work as we prepare for an extremely important test of our mission - our Operational Readiness Inspection. No matter your AFSC, you play a key role in the mission of the 132d Fighter Wing. YOU are the most important person on this base. YOUR AFSC is the most

  • Celebrate Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is an opportunity to pay homage to those who have served beforeus and have given the ultimate sacrifice. It's also a time to reconnect with our past and reflect on our history. Too often the word "memorial" loses its meaning in our busy society. The summer holiday often becomes a day

  • Getting Ready for the ORI.

    It is amazing how quickly time passes around here! In April I will have been your Command Chief for three years already. During that time we've seen the Wing and our great Airmen excel at every opportunity, so much that it has almost come to be expected. Expected? Definitely, and why? Because