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  • May is GCR Month, Col. Chidley discusses why literacy is so important

    Growing up with a mother who was an English teacher meant Mark Chidley and his siblings were almost forced to read. However, by the time his junior and senior years of high school rolled around he realized reading wasn’t so bad. One author he connected with right away was Kurt Vonnegut, famous for his novel Slaughterhouse- five, he also found a passion for World War II non-fiction.
  • JROTC Cadets compete to improve at North High School

    A sharp cry pierces the silent gym as the first of four Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps teams file into the gym at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa. Each team marches in formation to their designated spot on the floor, led only by the sharp orders of their commanding cadet.           Even though they are all from different backgrounds or
  • 132nd Wing honor guardsman of the year motivated by people he serves

    The hangar quiets as hundreds of military members stand at attention. Still, quiet and unmoving, they stare straight ahead. Down the aisle marches four Airmen, clad in blue, silent and seamlessly in-step as they bear rifles and colors. They advance to the stage, place the flags into position and salute with flawless precision. The Star Spangled
  • 132nd Wing awards dedicated FSRT team leader with Airmen of the Year

      As she recalls the countless training exercises for Fatality Search and Recovery Team (FSRT), Staff Sgt. Kortney M. Mezera, FSRT team lead, removes her blouse and boots and climbs into the chemical gear.Mezera, a native of McGregor, Iowa, has been training for FSRT about once or twice a year since she started looking for change four years ago and
  • 132nd Wing’s Officer of the Year motivated by faith, family and Airmen

    A pile of scattered papers on the desk of the director of personnel for the Force Support Squadron here, is all an outsider sees into Capt. Renee G. Rausch’s busy work day.Rausch, a native of Humeston, Iowa, joined the Air Force more than 20 years ago to obtain structure and discipline in her life. Now a mother of three, Rausch works tirelessly on
  • 132nd ISRG holds Amazing Race event to prep for Annual Training

    Sunshine, blue skies and a strong, stiff breeze enveloped the landscape of Moffitt Reservoir Park in Cumming, Iowa.Gathered at the park was a large group of people dressed in athletic clothing, enthusiastic and ready for whatever the day had in store.With dozens of teams formed and chomping at the bit to begin, the master of ceremonies raised a
  • Iowa Air Guardsman find success in running

    Staff Sgt. Curt Brass and Senior Airman Tag Noel were members of a National Guard marathon team consisting of both Air and Army National Guard, which had major success at the Panama City Beach Marathon that took place Saturday December 5th 2015They became a part of the team after qualifying at the Lincoln National Guard Marathon. Senior Airman Noel
  • Schellhase Moves On

    The State Command Chief of the Iowa National Guard Ed Schellhase finished his final drill before retirement in the same place he started his Guard career thirty-eight years ago, with the 132d Wing Communications Flight.Schellhase spent Saturday morning of August drill addressing the Communications Flight during roll call and reflecting on his
  • The Holistic View to Fitness

    Another member of the 132nd who is very familiar with a life of training and fitness is Staff Sgt. Travis Wirth, positioned with the Cyber Operations squadron and a member of the 132nd for the past six-and-a-half years.He has been doing a steady regimen of weight lifting and bodybuilding for more than 10 years. So far he has only done one
  • Striving for Excellence Beyond Expecations

    Being in the Air Force we all know there are physical standards we are expected to uphold. Some airmen aren't satisfied with just hitting the standard though, they want to fully expose what they are capable of.Take for instance the 132nd Wing Cyber Operations Squadron Superintendent, Chief Master Sgt. Sean Michael Larson. He joined the active duty