132d Wing

132d Wing Intelligence Group

The 132d Wing Intelligence Group's primary mission is to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) products, applications, capabilities, and resources, to include cyber and geospatial forces and expertise.

132 ISS
232 ISR IS
233 ISR IS

Mission Support Group

The 132d Wing Mission Support Group encompasses a wide variety of units. Together, they provide a range of specialized services and programs in support of the wing's missions.

Civil Engineering Squadron 
Environmental Mgmt. Office
Force Support Squadron
Logistics Readiness Squadron
Security Forces Squadron
Communications Flight
Family Readiness

132d Wing Medical Group

Health and fitness are key components of military readiness. The 132d Wing Medical Group ensures our men and women are fit to fight

Aerospace Medicine
Dental Services
Bio Environmental
Medical Adminstration
Nursing Services
Public Health

132d Wing Operations Group

The mission of the 132d Wing Operations Group is to deploy worldwide and execute directed long-endurance coverage of targets while providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance as well as dynamic execution of targets.

- 124th Attack Squadron:
The mission of the 124th Attack Squadron is to operate long-endurance remotely piloted aircraft that is employed primarily as an intelligence-collection asset and secondarily against dynamic execution targets.

124th Attack Squadron
Operations Support Flight

- 168th Cyberspace Operations Squadron:

Conducts defensive cyberspace operations to serve Combatant Commanders, national and state agencies, Kosovo State Partnership and community.  Ensures mission ready cyber forces are trained and equipped to support 24th Air Force operations to fill United States Cyber Command's taskings.  Provides a cyber protection team capability to identify, pursue, and mitigate cyberspace threats impacting DoD information networks critical links and nodes.

132d Wing Det. 1 - DTOC

As the "support nexus" of the ANG DMO program, the DTOC's mission is to provide persistent DMO capability and expertise in support of realistic,  relevant training opportunities to warfighters in a networked environment. 

Operations Flight
Plans and Integration Flight
Communication Flight

132d Wing Staff

The 132d Wing Staff includes the Wing Commander and Vice Commander, and an array of support sections that report directly to wing leadership.

Command Post 
Equal Opportunity
Executive Officer
Financial Management
Inspector General
Judge Advocate General
Public Affairs
Wing Safety