132nd Family

     The Family Readiness and Support Group is a group composed of military and family members of all military affiliations and active components. We don't notice the color of uniform or rank that your member wears. We are concerned about assisting and supporting families and members in all aspects of military life. The FRSG usually meets on Drill Sunday of each month in the Finance Classroom of Bldg 107 at 1:30 p. m. If you are interested in attending, please call ahead to confirm that the group is meeting. You may call 515-256-8786 or 1-800-257-1693 x 8786 if you are interested.
     The purpose of the 132nd Fighter Wing Family Readiness and Support Program and its volunteer Family Readiness and Support Group is to provide a basic foundation of training, education, and resources that encourages a self-sufficient 132 FW family during times of training, deployment, and mobilization. Our mission is to promote the 132 FW Family Program through key components of communication, training, involvement, support, and recognition. The benefits of having a successful Family Readiness Program are many. The family members of our National Guardsmen will enjoy a sense of security knowing that a family support network exists to help them in times of need. The Unit will increase their readiness levels to achieve their assigned missions because unit members will know that their families are being cared for during their absence. Even during times of normal National Guard activity, the relationships between the Guard and its families will be strengthened and a sense of teamwork and cohesiveness will develop. The result is that the 132nd Fighter Wing will be a stronger, better organization that retains good quality Guardsmen and their families.
     The Family Readiness Program promotes awareness of our Unit's organization, mission, and activities. It is an important link in helping to meet the challenges of military life by providing support, strength, comfort and sharing.
     It is for people who care about the military family - spouses, significant others, children, friends, relatives, retired service members, members of the community, and service members of all ranks.