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  • Tuskegee Airman Paved the Way for Future Pilots

    Dr. James Bowman graduated from North High school in Des Moines in 1940. In an interview conducted in August of 2011 by the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum he told the story of his time in service as a United States Army Air Corps Tuskegee Airman. As a young man Bowman had only traveled as far as

  • 132 Fighter Wing Awards Ceremony 2011

    During November drill, members of the 132nd Fighter Wing, family members and distinguished guests gathered in the West Hangar for the annual award ceremony. This ceremony is an opportunity for wing members to be recognized for their outstanding performance and achievements during the year.

  • Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2011; Protect Your Family from Fire

    Fires can strike anywhere - in buildings, automobiles, and the outdoors - but fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. Over 75% percent of all fire fatalities occur in home fires.This year's National Fire Prevention Week theme is, Protect Your Family from Fire.

  • Phase I ORI In The Rearview Mirror

    The Phase 1 Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) is now in our rearview mirror. Our overall grade was a SATISFACTORY. We fell short of our goal of EXCELLENT, but the good news and the bottom line is that the 132d Fighter Wing clearly exceeds ACC standards. Fully 42%, or 15 of the 36 graded areas,

  • Building 107 is History

    Building 107, one of the oldest buildings on the Des Moines ANG Base, is history. It was demolished during the week of 7 September 10. The area will be used for much needed parking.  It was initially built for the flight simulator. Originally it was a 3,917 square foot building, built in June 1959,

  • 132nd Fighter Wing holds Hometown Hero Salute and Family Open House

    Saturday, 6 November during the Unit Training Assembly (UTA) a "Group Open House" will be held for unit & family members. This will be a no-fly day with a focus on Airmen spending time with their families in an "open house" environment here at the 132nd Fighter Wing. Airmen are highly encouraged to

  • Misuse of prescription drugs could cost Airmen career

    Sitting in his room with a headache, an Airman contemplates whether or not to take pain medication that was prescribed to him for a tooth extraction several months ago. He decides it's pain medication, and he's suffering from pain, so there can be no harm. The next day, the Airman tests positive in

  • Diamond Sharp Award -- Airman 1st Class Austin Wascher

    Airman 1st Class Austin Wascher is an Aircraft Structural Mechanic Apprentice in the Non-Destructive Inspection Shop at the 132nd Fighter Wing. With the majority of the unit deployed to Iraq, Airman Wascher was instrumental in the continuation of operations at home station while continuing to work

  • Diamond Sharp Award - Airman 1st Class Jennifer Schwaigert

    A1C Jennifer Schwaigert epitomizes the Diamond Sharp Award. Airman Schwaigert sets the example for all airmen to follow through her professionalism and belief in the Air Force's Core Values. Airman Schwaigert is a motivated, proactive and valued member of the Aircrew Flight Equipment Section. She is

  • ORI Preparation

    Thank you to everyone for their very hard work as we prepare for an extremely important test of our mission - our Operational Readiness Inspection. No matter your AFSC, you play a key role in the mission of the 132d Fighter Wing. YOU are the most important person on this base. YOUR AFSC is the most