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  • Are you a person that trusts?

    Are you someone who can put their trust in another person without a second thought about it? There are times in our lives that we are called upon to trust someone else. We put our trust in doctors with our health. We put our trust in the bank with our money. We put our trust in our spouse with our love. There are so many things we put our trust in

    This is a very good question. First, you should come to the base legal office for an evaluation as to whether we can address your needs. If the base legal office is unable to provide the kind of assistance that you need (for example, filing for divorce or handling a criminal matter), then we have the resources to assist you in your search. What?
  • 2010 Executive Safety Summit

    Bottom Line Up Front: We have done a good job in the Air National Guard with creating a safe work environment and on the job safety. The areas we have come up short is airmen displaying high risk behaviors when they leave the safe confines of the Guard. Several of the top 5 had the opportunity to attend the most recent Executive Safety Summit in
  • A story of human capability.

    Every once in a while, I am able to find something that absolutely stuns me. I'm talking about one of those stories that completely blows my socks off; something that redefines the limits of human capability. The story of David Nott is one of those stories. Dr Nott is a surgeon who was volunteering in Congo in 2008. He was working among soldiers
  • 2 Lt.Hoff serves as Memorial Day Parade Marshall

    This Memorial Day, 2Lt John Baron Hoff, a member of the 132nd Fighter Wing and current Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) student at Laughlin AFB, TX, was selected to be the Military Honoree, Parade Marshall and featured Speaker at the Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Winnetka Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony, Winnetka, IL - his hometown.Some
  • Deerfield Retirement Community Director recieves Patriotic Employer Award

    Deerfield Retirement Community Director Brenda Ballard received a Patriotic Employer Award on April 17th from Iowa Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Ballard was nominated for the recognition by Alicia Bollie, a Deerfield employee and a Staff Sergeant with the Air National Guard, for the support Ballard and Deerfield provided to her
  • Continuing our history of excellence.

    If you hear me say it once, I will say it a thousand times; I am humbled to be your new commander. The 132nd Fighter Wing is known as one of the premier fighter units in the United States Air Force and it is due to your commitment to excellence and hard work. As we pass the guidon, I would like to thank Col. Hammond for his years of service to the
  • Conversation with the Wing

    The 132d Fighter Wing was born in February 1941 with the creation of the 124th Observation Squadron and since then has performed missions all around the globe. We've accomplished our tasking - submarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico during WWII, maintaining a strong, capable Cold War force, and flying combat air patrols over Iraq - in an
  • Preventing Suicide Requires Wingman Awareness

    The WINGMAN concept is foundational to the way we do business as an Air Force. With emphasis on the Wingman and "having each other's back," please read and retain the following information about one of the most significant roles we all play in each other's lives. Risk Factors for Suicide and Symptoms of RiskRisk factors are those things that
  • 2010 Dam to Dam race in memory of TereseAnn and Levi

    Run in Memory of TereseAnn & Raise Money for Levi. TereseAnn was an avid runner and it was her goal to run the Dam to Dam in 2010. In her memory join us at the Dam to Dam in Des Moines on June 5, 2010 Run for fun and raise money for TereseAnn's son Levi. You choose the race you run, the 5K or the 20K. Then go to www.damtodam.com and register for