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  • Are you a person that trusts?

    Are you someone who can put their trust in another person without a second thought about it? There are times in our lives that we are called upon to trust someone else. We put our trust in doctors with our health. We put our trust in the bank with our money. We put our trust in our spouse with our

  • A story of human capability.

    Every once in a while, I am able to find something that absolutely stuns me. I'm talking about one of those stories that completely blows my socks off; something that redefines the limits of human capability. The story of David Nott is one of those stories. Dr Nott is a surgeon who was volunteering

  • Preventing Suicide Requires Wingman Awareness

    The WINGMAN concept is foundational to the way we do business as an Air Force. With emphasis on the Wingman and "having each other's back," please read and retain the following information about one of the most significant roles we all play in each other's lives. Risk Factors for Suicide and

  • It's summer time again!

    Well, brothers and sisters it is Summer time again and I am really ready. It is that time when the kids will be ending another school year (Hallelujah). It is that time of year again when we can all take a deep breath before sending our kids off to college in August. It is that time of year again

  • Are you tired of snow?

    My three year old daughter asked the other day, "Papa, when is the snow going to go bye-bye?" That is a great question. I am originally from Tennessee. It would snow there but then melt pretty quickly. I can't remember a snow that lasted for more than a week. I am just not used to seeing snow for

  • Renew yourself spiritually!

    On February 2, 2010 we celebrated Groundhog Day. We waiting eagerly and patiently to see if Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not. To my disappointment and others we will be getting six more weeks of winter. Honestly, I'm really not looking forward to that because it just seems like winter