Fitness and your career.

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Rob Harban
  • 132 MSG 1st Sergeant
Spring is upon us and summer will be here just as quick. Fitness is such a big part of our career and is our responsibility to maintain the standard. Promotions, formal school attendance and re-enlistment all hinge on our ability to maintain the fitness standard. The Services Flight has two Certified Fitness Trainers (Senior Airman Clayberg and Senior Airman Van Dusseldorp) that are in the base gym each and every UTA to assist you in achieving the fitness standard or to even better your current fitness level. You can make an appointment to have a one on one session or they can do groups sessions.

If you are starting your fitness program to prepare for you upcoming fitness test take it slow and take advantage of Senior Airman Clayberg and Senior Airman Van Dusseldorp experience and training. The Services Flight has information and hand outs for you to improve your fitness level and even your diet. You can reach our Certified Fitness Trainers at the Gym at 261-8505 on UTA's, or you can schedule in advance with Master Sgt. Reed at 261-8510.