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  • 2010 Executive Safety Summit

    Bottom Line Up Front: We have done a good job in the Air National Guard with creating a safe work environment and on the job safety. The areas we have come up short is airmen displaying high risk behaviors when they leave the safe confines of the Guard. Several of the top 5 had the opportunity to

  • Continuing our history of excellence.

    If you hear me say it once, I will say it a thousand times; I am humbled to be your new commander. The 132nd Fighter Wing is known as one of the premier fighter units in the United States Air Force and it is due to your commitment to excellence and hard work. As we pass the guidon, I would like to

  • Conversation with the Wing

    The 132d Fighter Wing was born in February 1941 with the creation of the 124th Observation Squadron and since then has performed missions all around the globe. We've accomplished our tasking - submarine patrols over the Gulf of Mexico during WWII, maintaining a strong, capable Cold War force, and

  • It’s on - ORI Phase I, 1-6 Oct 10 “Yes we can!”

    The 132d Fighter Wing will have an opportunity, less than a year from now, to demonstrate our Excellence as a premier Air National Guard Fighter Wing. The goal is an "EXCELLENT" rating in the Phase I Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) scheduled for 1 - 6 October 2010 and we are working as a Team