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  • 132d Wing formally recognizes the official activation of the 132d ISR Group

    The 132d Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Group was honored on Saturday, March 7, 2015 during a ceremony held at the 132d Wing (132WG), Des Moines, Iowa, which formally recognized the Group's official activation. ISR Group and Squadron guidons were passed to the Group Commander and

  • Science Center makes Family Connection

         In December the Science Center of Iowa was host to Military Family Connection night sponsored by the Child and Youth Program of the Iowa National Guard.  All branches of military and family members were given exclusive access to the center along with dinner provided in the cafeteria.  The

  • Iowa Air Guardsmen Train for Disaster Relief

    Severe weather is on the forefront of all of our minds as we see the destruction caused by tornados in recent weeks. However, the Iowa Air National Guard is always prepared to fulfill their role in disaster relief. They recently trained with members of the Nebraska Air and Army National Guard to

  • Iowa’s Counterdrug Task Force is Excelling in a Time of Financial Adversity

    The Iowa Counterdrug Task Force has provided invaluable support to civilian authorities since 1994. It started as a small aviation task force that would do flyovers to find marijuana fields. Since then, Counterdrug has evolved into a powerhouse of training and educational resources for military, law

  • General Walter: Earning Her Stripes...And a Star

    Brigadier Geneneral Jennifer Walter, Chief of Staff, Iowa Air National Guard, enlisted in the Air National Guard in early 1975. At that time, The Vietnam War was ending, the Women's Liberation movement was in full swing, the cost of gas was 44 cents a gallon and women had fewer career choices.

  • “No man is an island,” one Airman' s journey from Africa

    Today, Technical Sergeant Patrick Kazeze proudly serves as an Air National Guard Technician and as a member of the 132nd Fighter Wing Base Honor Guard. As an Air Guardsman, he is part of a diverse team of 106,000 Americans on call in 50 states and 3 territories. Kazeze is no stranger to diversity.

  • F-16s Head South

    Over a period of 10 days in February 2012, the A-10 Thunderbolt II tails based at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan switched places with the F-16 Fighting Falcon tails based at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Such movement of a wing's personnel, equipment, and aircraft to another airfield is called a